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Irish National Council of AD/HD Support Groups is an umbrella organisation for the AD/HD Support Groups active throughout the country. The support groups operate at a local level and provide services such as information, advice and emotional support to families of children with AD/HD. Some also operate a telephone help-line and organise activities such as seminars and summer camps. INCADDS, as the national organisation, is responsible for the co-ordination of these support groups. INCADDS also provides information to the Minister of Health and Children and the Minister of Education and Science on the disorder.

It is the core mission of INCADDS to ensure that the difficulties for sufferers of AD/HD are minimised by the development and promotion of early diagnosis; the promotion of appropriate and comprehensive person-centred treatment; and by raising awareness of the disorder so that its sufferers will be better understood. In addition, INCADDS want to ensure that the families of sufferers of AD/HD are adequately supported so that they in turn can support their children and relatives.

INCADDS is a registered Irish charity. Charity No CHY 13809


The following aims are not those that are in the Irish National of AD/HD Support Groups Constitution. Rather they were adopted for the purpose of the Strategic Plan as it was felt that they described more appropriately the work and plans of INCADDS;

Aim 1
To raise awareness of AD/HD and co-existing conditions.

Aim 2
To facilitate, inform and promote training opportunities for those involved in the service provision to people affected by AD/HD.

Aim 3
To develop policies on AD/HD and to lobby to have these policies implemented.

Aim 4
To develop appropriate networks and strategic links with relevant bodies at local, national and international level.

Aim 5
To promote activities appropriate to the needs of people affected by AD/HD.

Aim 6
To develop appropriate structures and access resources to implement this strategic plan.

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