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What to do if the symptoms are present

The characteristics presented are just a guideline. However, if you answered yes to at least eight characteristics listed, for over a period of six months, the chances are the person meets the criteria for further investigation and assessment by a trained professional.

How is it treated?

Effective treatment generally requires a multi-modal approach, which includes the following components:

All of the above may not be necessary. The approach to treatment and management will depend on the severity of the condition, co-existing difficulties (e.g. language disorders, and the age of diagnosis.

Where to go?

As a first step, talk to your General Practitioner and/or teacher.

The General Practitioner may refer you to a specialist service.

INCADDS agrees with international medical experts that ADHD is a very treatable medical condition.

The key is:

  1. Early diagnosis by a professional with expertise and experience in the area of ADHD.
  2. Treatment Programmes including Health and Education to cover all aspects of the condition.
  3. Continuous support for the entire family.

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